My Beauty Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

Some of the top dermatologists in the country recommend you to wash your face twice a day with soap and warm water.

But do not rub hard with a towel, because you may exacerbate any skin irritations and irritate your skin and pores. Try to wipe as gently as you can.

If you wear makeup or sunscreen, make sure the product contains oil, non-comedogenic and does not produce facial acne. This means that it will not plug your pores or give you more acne, which you are trying to avoid and be sure to devote enough time to remove all makeup. Try not to allow your pores to get clogged up.

If you do get acne, as a solution, there are general three types:

Gel Anti-acne treatments that have an astringent effect, meaning that aids healing, as well as a disinfecting effect to prevent accumulation of bacteria that can degenerate into infections. They leave a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, and help to keep the skin healthy and hydrated.

Cleansing Gels which is a hygiene product for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. If you use this, I would recommend apply morning and evening to damp skin (can also be applied on the back).

Thirdly, there is an emulsion Anti-acne that helps keep the skin clean and free of impurities. It is often used in milder cases and has three main functions: reduce the amount of sebum (oil) producing sebaceous glands, fight bacteria that infect clogged follicles and reduce inflammation.

If you have oily skin to begin with, you can try to remove the excess oil with either mechanically or chemically.

Which method to use, depends on your skin type and which works best for you. Neither better nor worse, each has its features and functions, and its use will depend on the particular situation, with sensitive skin or rosacea, try to avoid certain mechanical exfoliants, granules or trawling and the use of chemical peels, with polyhydroxy AHA or Bhagavad to not trigger inflammatory processes. These skins are therefore most suitable free acid peels for daily use such as enzyme, that do not produce redness, irritation and sensitization.
However, in hyperpigmented skin, thickened with photodamage and wrinkles I do recommend using chemical peels for home use or cabin. Containing lactic, glycolic, malic, phytic, trichloroacetic, resorcinoletc … acid at different concentrations and with extraordinary results to restore the damage of aging on the skin.

I also like to use a mineral water spray on my face after I finish my cleaning and exfoliating routine, I generally find that it calms my skin down and I like to cool feeling on my skin afterwards.

Great skin care and beauty regimes are really based on your skin and how your skin reacts and feels and what makes you and your skin feel and look great.

Next blog will be about eye brows and eye lashes, thick or thin ? long or short ? which is the best….we will dive in and examine what’s new and hot this year and wants not !